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The Aikido Association of America in partnership with Law Enforcement Press offer tactical training designed for police, departments of corrections, private security, and personal needs. Established in 1997, Law Enforcement Press has become a recognized authority on research-based force education and training for criminal justice agencies. They specialize in training instructors for police and corrections. Today, they are best recognized for developing training based on documented tactical, medical, legal, and psychological research. This combination of research has become popular among police and departments of corrections that use Law Enforcement Press training because they now have training that is reliable, valid, and court defensible. To learn more about Law Enforcement Press, you can visit them online at

AAA tactical training seminars offer real-world applications of Aikido. Whether your needs are empty-hand tactics or weapon defense, we can help you with effective training to manage force situations under real-world conditions. Our training seminars address the most complex legal and physical challenges in the most dangerous and uncertain situations, resulting in improved skill performance. Seminar training topics include:
Performance Research
Mental Training
Legal Guidelines
Subject-Control Principles
Empty Hand Tactics
Tactical Searching
Striking Tactics
Baton Use
Ground Defense and Tactical Falling
Weapon Defense
and more...

Getting the most from your Aikido training involves understanding its martial application. Our tactical training seminars are a great place to begin. You will learn new applications of Aikido technique. You will learn the tactical, legal, medical, and psychological foundation of defensive tactics. Contact us today for more information on hosting a tactical training seminar and offering such a training opportunity to your local police, correction, and security agencies.
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