• AAA & AAI Seminars

    The AAA and AAI hosts aikido seminars around the world. The training is open to students of any martial art or rank from any organization or dojo.


2.14 – 2.17 Kangeiko – Winter Camp Training – R. Testa Sensei & J. Nakayama Sensei & T. Toyoda Sensei – Tenshinkan Dojo, Chicago, IL 

2.17 – 2.19 Kangeiko Seminar – R. Testa Sensei & J. Nakayama Sensei & T. Toyoda Sensei – Tenshinkan Dojo, Chicago, IL 


3.3 – 3.5 Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei – Mill City Aikido, Westford, MA

3.10 – 3.13 West Coast Instructors Seminar – Kenshinkan Dojo, Vista

3.17 – 3.19 AAI European Aikido Seminar – Lier, Belgium


4.7 – 4.9 5th Year Anniversary Seminar – J. Nakayama Sensei & T. Toyoda Sensei  – Aikido of Northwest Kansas, Hay, KS


5.04 – 5.06Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei –Zanshinkan Dojo, Dubai, UAE


6.08AAA National Teaching Committee Seminar – Chicago, IL

6.9- 6.11AAA National Instructor Seminar – Chicago, IL 
6.23 – 6.25Toyoda Shihan Memorial Seminar – CA


7.04Toyoda Shihan Memorial – Tenshinkan Dojo, Chicago, IL

7.18-7.23 Shochugeiko at Aiki Farms in Ledyard, CT

7.21-7.23 5th Anniversaries of Mountain Path Aikido and Intermountain Aikido in UT


8.11              Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei – Island Aikido, SC
8.12 & 8.13 Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei – Joshinkan Dojo, Cary, NC


9.15-9.17 Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei & T. Spies Sensei- Hays, KS
9.15-9.17 Aikido Seminar – J. Nakayama Sensei- Logan, UT
9.22-9.24 Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei – Mauritius
9.29-10.3 Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei – Belgium


11.3 – 11.5 East Coast Inst. Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei, G. Matsuda Sensei, G. Testa Sensei – NY
11.9 – 11.11 Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei – Kuwait
11.11 – 11.12 Aikido Seminar – Puerto Rico
11.17 – 11.19 Aikido Seminar – T. Toyoda Sensei – Bulgaria


Training Seminars
To further training of Aikidoka (Aikido students) through standardized instruction and intensive, focused training, the AAA and AAI offer seminars at a variety of levels and on a variety of subjects including beginning and advanced techniques for both empty-hand and traditional weapons, tactical applications, and therapeutic bodywork. Seminar instructors include shihan (master instructor), shihan-dai (assistant shihan), and AAA Teaching Committee members.

National and Regional Training Camps
The AAA and AAI Training Camps are large regional gatherings of Aikido practitioners for training, black belt tests, and personal exchange. Held in different parts of the world, the AAA and AAI Camps are major opportunities for practitioners to network and improve themselves through intensive Aikido practice and when possible, through participating in on-site lodging and meals.

Instructor Training and Certification Seminars
Consistent, quality professional instruction is necessary for the long-term growth of Aikido arts. AAA and AAI offer an organized method of instruction which is documented in an instructor’s manual and promoted through instructors’ seminars and the certification of instructor levels. AAA and AAI’s instructional program, instituted by the late President and Chief Instructor Shihan Toyoda, is promulgated under the guidance of Aikido Doshu M. Ueshiba’s teaching and the philosophy of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. AAA offers its National Instructor Seminar every year in Chicago, and alternating years on the West and East coasts.

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