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Updated November 12, 2004

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  • 5-8th: Kangeiko - Ryoshinkan, Palatine, IL - K. Hatayama Sensei and A. Sato Sensei (additional information)
  • 13-15th: Aikido Seminar - Seizan Dojo, FL (additional information)
  • 23-25th: Aikido Seminar - Olsztyn, Poland. Instruction by H. Kobayashi Sensei
  • 26-27th: Aikido Seminar - Dubai. Instruction by E. Germanov Sensei
  • 27-29th: Aikido Seminar - Seishinkan Dojo, TX (additional information)

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  • 14-16th: Aikido Seminar, Onshinkan Dojo, Merrillville, IN (additional information)
  • 14-17th: Aikido Seminar, Cypress. E. Germanov Instructing
  • 21st: Aikido Demonstration - Bridge School at Noon, Chicago
  • 22nd: Aikido Demonstration - Skokie Cultural Festival, 2pm
  • 27-30th: East Coast Instructor Seminar - Kushinkan Dojo, Charleston, West Virginia (additional information)
  • 4-6th: Aikido Seminar - Tendokan, Bulgaria. Y. Kobayashi Sensei and A. Sato Sensei (additional information)
  • 12th: Aikido Demonstration - Cherry Blossom Festival, Chicago Botanical Gardens, Noon
  • 13th: One Day Weapons Seminar - Soshinkan Dojo, Burbank IL. J. Bieszk Sensei (additional information)
  • 25-27th: Aikido Seminar - Zenshinkan, MA (additional information)

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  • 1-31st: Summer Uchideshi/Kenshusei program. Instructed by A. Sato and E. Germanov
  • 11th: Soshinkan Dojo 10 Year Anniversary
  • 22-25th: National Summer Camp - Ryoshinkan, Palatine, IL (additional information)
  • 7/29-8/1: Southern Region Camp - NC State University. (additional information)
  • 7/29-8/1: Southern Region Camp - NC State University. (additional information)
  • 5-8th: Eastern Region Camp - Tarrytown, NY at Marymount College. (additional information)
  • 11-19th: AAI Polska, Summer camp - Jastrowie, Poland. Instruction by A. Sato and T. Krzyzanowski
  • 13-16th: AAA Teaching Committee Seminar, Puerto Rico. Instruction by G. Matsuda (additional information)
  • 21-22nd: Instructor Seminar - Olsztyn, Poland. Instruction by A. Sato

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  • 10-12th: Toyoda Sensei 30th Anniversary - Ryoshinkan, Palatine, IL. Instruction by Y. Kobayashi, K. Hatayama and A. Sato. Registration is CLOSED - we are at capacity
    (additional information)
  • 14-17th: Aikido Seminar - Croatia. Instruction by Ed Germanov Sensei
  • 17-19th: Aikido Seminar - Memphis Aikikai - Memphis, TN (additional information)
  • 9/16-19th: West Coast Camp - Moved! See November

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  • 5-7th: Aikido Seminar - Bulgaria
  • 11-14th: West Coast Camp - Seal Beach, CA (additional information)
  • 19-21st: Aikido Seminar - Kyushinkan, GA (additional information)
  • 25-26th: Aikido Seminar - Dubai, Germanov Sensei
  • 27-28th: Aikido Seminar - Lepaja, Latvia, Krzyzanowski Sensei
  • 3-5th: Puerto Rico Seminar (additional information)
  • 3-5th: Teaching Committee Seminar - Merrillville, IN - Hiroshi Taijiri Sensei (additional information)
  • 3-5th: Aikido Seminar - Olsztyn, Poland - MacBeth Sensei
  • 3-5th: Aikido Seminar - Shodokan Dojo, Ljubljana, Slovenia - Germanov Sensei
  • 10-12th: Aikido Seminar- Vilnius, Lithuania - Krzyzanowski Sensei

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